Owners FAQ

Owners FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We will conduct a rental survey of the homes for rent next to your property. This will include calling existing For Rent signs in the area, going inside the units to compare value and upgrades done inside those units. Determining how many similar units that are for rent at the time of your vacancy and projecting a correct price. We will factor in the present economic conditions, location of your property, and type of tenant to expect when setting a price.
We will provide you with a complete rental application, credit report, proof of employment with YTD income, copy of driver’s license or equal form of identification.

Base of this information we will recommend the best applicant for your property. Of course you will have final decision at that point.

Rents are due in our office on the 5th of each month and late fees are applied after that day. The tenants make rents payable in your name. Upon collecting the rents it will be deposited into your accounts directly by us and a rental statement will be emailed to you showing what has been collected for each month along with expenses incurred operating your property. We can also create a system more to your liking.
A petty cash account will be set up for you with $1,000. As smaller repairs come in, we send out the appropriate contractor/handyman for that repair. If you want to keep your same vendors on your property we will us them instead. We will notify you before starting a repair unless told otherwise. Major repairs will be given multiple bids and discussed in detail with you before any work gets approved with your signature.
Over the years we have developed relationships with plumbers, roofers, termite companies, handymen, electricians, and others to streamline the cost of operating a building. From consistent use of these vendors we can provide competitive pricing.
We will charge 6% every 3 months for the total rents collected and send you an invoice.

This service includes collecting rents and depositing into your accounts or mailing rents to your preferred location.

Full service includes paying all aspects of your property at 10% of rents collected.

  • Property taxes
  • Water bill
  • Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
We make all security deposits payable to you unless we operate your building at full service.
We have an attorney handle it after we serve a 3 day notice. Cost is approximately $800 payable directly to the attorneys office. Services include attorneys fees, court cost, sheriff lock out and 1 court appearance. The whole turn around time is approximately 6 weeks.